Materials for Families – Sunday 12 July

Travelling with Jesus #2 – A DESERT

Ed and Jam are travelling with Jesus to a desert and some of Jam’s fun facts blow Ed’s mind. And a listener tells us about a campsite in Death Valley. We’re in Matthew 4:1-11 and thinking about Jesus resisting temptation from the Devil.

Planning when to do this

Hopefully you’ve getting into the swing of things now. For more thoughts on how and when to use these ideas, see the intro from a few week’s ago.

How to listen

Just click here and press play.

The Faith in kids podcast is available wherever you normally get your podcasts from, including Spotify and Apple Podcast. Click here for more details.


There are five ideas below, three for over 5s and two for under 5s. Feel free to use any that you think will serve you well.

Use the crafts and colouring sheets while you listen to the podcast (make sure you’ve got the materials you need first!). And use them to reinforce the teaching ideas.

The printable sheet for over 5s this week is here.

For under 5s the Free Bible Image’s PowerPoint is here and the story to go with the pictures is here.

All the instructions below are also included on the sheet – if you’d prefer just to hit print and then stop looking at the screen, go ahead!

Here are Ed’s discussion questions:

Try all the questions if you can, they get harder as you go!

Under 7s

Each time Jesus was tempted, how did he answer? What was the same about each time he answered?

Over 8s

What is Jesus like? If this was the only story we had in the bible that showed us what Jesus was like what would we know about Jesus from this story?


Evil is still in the world, what are we going to say when we meet evil, that might encourage, reassure, support, and comfort us?

Idea 1 – ‘Feeling Faces’ Matching  Game

Read or listen to Matthew 4:1-11

After Jesus was baptised by John, He went into the desert to fast and pray. He ate nothing at all for 40 days and was very hungry. Then Satan came to Him and told Him all sorts of lies to try and tempt Him to do the wrong thing and to sin.

Each time, Jesus used the Sword of the Spirit, which is the Word of God to overcome Satan. Jesus won each time and Satan was beaten and had to leave Jesus alone.

Sometimes things can make us feel sad, or worried, or scared. Sometimes we can doubt what we know is true. Sometimes we’re tempted to do wrong and bad things and sometimes we get angry and want to be mean or nasty.

Print page 2 of the printable sheet and cut out all the ‘Feelings Faces’.

Spend some time looking at the faces together.
When have you sometimes felt like this? Think about what makes you worried, or scared, or angry, or……..
What should we do?

Jesus used the Word of God to fight back and overcome.

Look in the Bible and read or listen to these verses. Take it in turns to each try to match the verse with the ‘Feelings Faces’? and then think how God’s word can help us with the way we are feeling.

Idea 2 – Colouring

Print Page 3 of the printable sheet.

Idea 3 – Story

Print page 4 of the printable sheet.

Idea 1 for under 5s

Print the Free Bible Images pictures from this printable PowerPoint (might be worth keeping on a phone as would require lots of ink) and read through the story that accompanies the pictures from this printable sheet.

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