While we can’t gather all together as a church family these materials will help you to meet with God together at home.

Parents and carers will need to set aside a bit of time to prepare. I’m praying that these will be significant times for you, amongst the chaos and the mess!

Let’s go!

Resources for families with children under 11

The material we’re using in the run-up to Christmas is subject to copyright, so we can’t post it publicly online. If you haven’t received it by email, please contact dan@farnhambaptist.org.uk 

For material from previous sessions, see our archive page here.

A few resources for families with teens

Bible reading notes

The best way, of course, for the teenagers to keep growing at this time is to be engaging with God’s word. This would be a great time to get into the Bible together as a family and there are some really helpful resources out there to help you do that. Bible reading notes are good for getting focussed time in a passage, working through a book of the Bible. They’ll also give some suggested questions and things to pray. Here are a few that are available:

– ‘Discover’ written for 11-14 year olds

– ‘Engage’ written for 14-18 year olds

– ‘Youthworks Bible Studies’ written for 14-18 year olds

– ‘Explore’ written for adults (but would work well for some of the older teenagers)

You can get hold of these either from 10ofthose or The Good Book Company 


Why not have a look at the sermon library on our website. You could pick a sermon series to listen to and discuss as a family. Taking notes can be helpful so you could encourage the teenagers to grab a notebook or use the sheet for sermon notes I’ll send round. 

New City Catechism

This is what we’ve been using in Toast on Sunday mornings this term. It’s designed to help families learn the core beliefs of the Christian faith via questions and answers. You could make it a competition to see who can learn the most off by heart (the teenagers do have a head start!). See here 

Video Bible talks

We’ve used some of these in Toast on Thursdays, so they’ll be familiar to them. There are a few different series going through different books of the Bible using videos and discussion questions. 

The Bible Project

The Bible Project has some brilliant videos giving helpful overviews of Bible books or biblical themes. 

God’s Big Picture

This is a Bible overview series which goes through the big story of the Bible in nine videos. 


You might find some useful articles and podcasts here aimed specifically at encouraging parents. 


Songs are a really good way of getting truth into our hearts and minds. Spotify have a playlist called ‘Songs of Comfort for Anxious Souls’ by The Gospel Coalition which you could all listen to together.