Materials for Families – Sunday 14 June

We’re following along with the Faith in Kids podcast in Ephesians.

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Did someone leave the light on? Find out about the longest ever light leaving on, what light is measured in and how fireflies are not what they sound like – as Ed and Jam talk about being Children of Light from Ephesians 5:8-13 while Amy keeps fighting the virus.

Planning when to do this

Hopefully you’ve getting into the swing of things now. For more thoughts on how and when to use these ideas, see the intro from a few week’s ago.

How to listen

Just click here and press play.

The Faith in kids podcast is available wherever you normally get your podcasts from, including Spotify and Apple Podcast. Click here for more details.


There are nine ideas below, five for under 11s and four for over 11s. Feel free to use any that you think will serve you will.

Use the crafts and colouring sheets while you listen to the podcast (make sure you’ve got the materials you need first!). And use them to reinforce the teaching ideas.

The printable sheet for this week is here for under 11s. 

The printable sheet this week is here for over 11s.

All the instructions below are also included on the sheet – if you’d prefer just to hit print and then stop looking at screen, go ahead!

Here are Ed’s discussion questions:

Under 5s.

Do you prefer being in the light or the dark?


Being part of Jesus’ big family is like being in the dark or being in the light?


What is the best part about living in the light for Jesus?

Over 11s

Can you tell the difference between people who live in the dark and the people who live in the light?

Idea 1- Blindfold Game

Use a scarf as a blindfold. Take it in turns to see if you can find your way around the room when blindfolded.

No peeping and be careful!

How easy is it to throw scrunched up balls of newspaper into a bucket when you’re blindfolded? Have a competition – most in the bucket wins!

Idea 2- Feely Bag/Box

Make a Feely Bag (pillow case works well) or a Box.

Out of view, one person places an object in a bag or box.

Everyone else takes it in turns to put their hands into the bag or box and by ‘feel’ alone (no peeping!) guess what the object is…? Can you describe it – is it hard or soft…? What do you think it’s made of…? What colour do you think it is…!?

Some of those questions we can’t answer without seeing the object.
We need it brought out into the light where we can see what it really is and understand it.

Do you think it’s easier to do things and understand things in the light, when we can see or in the dark, when we can’t see?

Look in the Bible and read or listen to Ephesians 5:8-9

Idea 3 – Lighthouse Craft

When we belong to Jesus, we have His light within us – He has made us new and changed people. We need to let other people see the light of Jesus shining out from us by the way we live.

Print and carefully cut out the lighthouse and light rays on pages 3 and 4 of the printable sheet – or you could draw and colour your own, but remember to copy the text onto your lighthouse.

Display your lighthouse on a wall or door.

Together think about how we can let the light of Jesus that is in us, shine out to others…. and write some of your ideas onto the light rays.

Add your light rays to the lighthouse and together talk to Jesus about the things that you have thought of and ask Him to help you live to shine His light out to others.

Idea 4 and 5 – Colouring Sheets

Page 5 and 6 of the printable sheet.

Idea 1 for over 11s – Crossword

Print page 1  of the printable sheet.

Idea 2 for over 11s

On a walk or in your garden, find a bright or sunny area. If you trust in Jesus, remember that “you are light in the Lord ” and thank God for that. If you don’t trust in Jesus, think about what difference it would make to be “light in the Lord”.

Then find a place in the shade. If you trust in Jesus, remember that “you were once darkness” and say a short prayer for one non-Christian that you know. If you don’t trust in Jesus, think about what you’ve heard today and write down one question to ask a Christian about it.

Idea 3 for over 11s

Write your own story about your relationship with God. Use these questions to help you.

  1. Are you a child of light? How do you know?

  2. What did you understand about God when you were


  3. Has that changed as you’ve grown up? How?

  4. If you’re part of a church, what difference does that


  5. In which areas of your life do you need God’s help to live as a child of light?

Idea 4 for over 11s – Word search

Page 3 of the printable sheet.


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