Materials for Families – Sunday 10 May

We’re following along with the Faith in Kids podcast in Ephesians.

You can still access the Wonder of Easter materials here.


Grab some building bricks or blocks and join Ed, Jam and Amy as Ed starts doing his own jingles, and Jam has some amazing buildings. Plus Bob Hartman returns! We look at more of Ephesians Chapter 2 to find out how Jesus is the one who brings us together. Listen together, enjoy and be encouraged.

Planning when to do this

The podcast is about 30 minutes long. I’d encourage you to do one of the following as a family:

  1. Choose a good time and place that works for you as a family to listen to the podcast together (craft activities to do at the same time are below). Make that your Sunday time with God as a family. Then join the FBC livestream in addition to that, and children can join in with as much as they can.
  2. Join in with the FBC livestream at 10am, and then move on to using the activities here during the sermon – when children would normally go to their groups. Parents can catch up with the sermon etc. later.

How to listen

Just click here and press play.

The Faith in kids podcast is available wherever you normally get your podcasts from, including Spotify and Apple Podcast. Click here for more details.


There are four ideas below, including a cutting and sticking activity, a colouring sheet, and an activity you could do after a family walk.

Use the crafts and colouring sheets while you listen to the podcast (make sure you’ve got the materials you need first!). And use them to reinforce the teaching ideas.

The printable sheet for this week is here. All the instructions below are also included on the sheet – if you’d prefer just to hit print and then stop looking at screen, go ahead!

Here are Ed’s discussion questions:

Under 5s.

What have we learnt God’s people are like? What is God building?


How are Christians like a building? Can you remember the four steps in building our building?


Are you tempted to want to be a loner? Why is Jesus’ plan so much better?

Over 11s

Churches tend to separate into groups. Can you think of one way you could help your church to be one?

Idea 1 – Build it

Find things to build with – Lego/Duplo/Blocks/cushions and pillows/cereal packets/tins /plastic boxes, bowls, cups…

Look at all the different shapes, colours, textures (feels). Pretend they are all the different people in the world who love and follow Jesus.

Can you make them all fit together to make a building or a house?

Think about all the people in FBC, in Farnham, in our country, in the whole world – who love Jesus. Jesus is building us all together into His Church.

We are ‘living stones’. (Look up 1 Peter 2 v 5). He knows how best to build His Church and He holds it all together. Without Jesus and what He has done for us, we would not be His living Church.

Idea 2 – Stones

Go for a walk or look around your garden (take a bag!) and find a collection of stones – all different shapes and sizes and colours.

Use your felt pens to make them into lots of different faces – people who love and follow Jesus – His Church of ‘living stones’. You could arrange them on a table or a tray.

Idea 3 – Jesus the Cornerstone

Print pages 2 and 3 of the printable sheet. 

Carefully cut out the stones on page 3 and see if you can match them to the stones on the wall, to correctly read 1 Peter 2 v 5a. Look in the Bible to check!

Can you find Jesus’ cross in the stones?

Idea 4 – Colouring Sheet

Print page 4 of the printable sheet.

Colour it in!

Use it to talk about today’s teaching.

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