Good news for the groaning.

The creation we live in is a glorious ruin. Magnificent in its beauty and variety it is an eloquent testimony of the glory and power of the God who made it. But its broken down too. Ruined by sin, it’s no longer what it once was.

Sometimes we go through whole seasons during which we are insulated from the brokenness, but we all experience it sooner or later.

And right now feels like one of those times. I’m sure I’m not the only one groaning inwardly as I read the news. Right now we really feel that the world is broken, and we groan.

But there is good news for the groaning. It will not always be like this. There is lamb in Heaven looking as though he has been slain, and he is worthy.

This song by Andrew Peterson is a meditation on the good news that there is a new creation coming. I trust that it will encourage your hearts and help you feel the weighty preciousness of the good news even as you groan.

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