We may not be able to take up a Christmas Day offering this year… but there are other ways to give.

At Farnham Baptist Church we have a tradition of taking up an offering on Christmas Day and giving the money raised away.

This year we won’t be meeting physically on Christmas day and so won’t be able to take up an offering in the way that we normally do.

However, there are other ways to give.

One organization that we have supported in the past is “Home for Good.” They work to mobilise the Church in the UK to respond to the needs of vulnerable children through families stepping forward to foster or adopt.

If you would like to know more about “Home for Good” you can visit their web page here. If you would like to make a gift to support their work this Christmas you can do that through their donations page here.

And finally…. for those with younger children, Home for Good have created a children’s activity here to help us think about and pray for those who might feel left out or lonely this year.

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