RETURN OF THE KING /// Luke 19:30, 35-40

Before you start


COLLECT the following:

  • Pictures of a few people you or your children would like to meet
  • Something to be the donkey that a child would ride on: scooter, a chair on wheels, a box that slides along the floor or an adult on all fours?!
  • A stone for each child and some paint and brushes or marker pens.

PRINT this pdf single-sided on A4 paper. ILLUSTRATION AND ACTIVITY SHEET. On a PC/MAC you may need to right click and select Save As.

Once you’ve printed the sheets, choose which worksheet is the best fit for your family.

Who would you like to meet and why?

If the children could meet their favourite character, who would it be and why? Show pictures of book/TV/ movie characters to give ideas.

Ask them to tell the person next to them who their favourite character is and why. Let them feedback some of the answers.

  • Why do they like them?
  • Do they have special powers or are they kind/funny/ adventurous?
  • Ask them how they would react if their favourite character was to walk in the room now.
  • What would they say to them?
  • Get them to act out some reactions.
  • You may even get some mixed reactions which ties in well with today’s story.

Link: Jesus is God’s promised king. In today’s story, people shouted out about Jesus because they were so excited to see him.

Give members of your family parts from the story.

  • One (or two) can be the disciples who are sent to fetch the donkey;
  • One can be Jesus.
  • Throw a coat over a chair, scooter or a buggy or just leave the chair empty and imagine Jesus is there.
  • You can have members of the crowd who cheer and shout.
  • One or two can be Pharisees.

Read out the text of the Bible passage (use the International Children’s Bible version), pausing to help the children do what it says.

This is a party, with a great noise and real celebration. Can you help the children to create this atmosphere? Let them shout out what the crowd shouted about Jesus.

Continue with the story to see how the Pharisees responded. Help the children to understand why the Pharisees were so angry and what they might have been saying to each other, before they shouted at Jesus, “Teacher, tell this crowd not to shout these things.”

Finally, look at Jesus’ response. If the crowd was stopped, creation would still shout out! Encourage the children to imagine stones shouting out to Jesus. What would they say?

Once you have gone through the story, make sure you tell the children a point or two about what this story teaches us about Jesus as God’s promised king. Keep in mind the Big Idea and the questions you thought through in Take 10 minutes to focus.

Recap questions:

• Why did the crowds shout praise at Jesus?

• Why do you think the Pharisees were so angry?

• What do you think is the best thing about Jesus and why?

Optional Extra

Try something different:

Play the children a sketch about speaking stones from the Faith in Kids podcast.

For more episodes for parents and kids see

Say & Do

For each of these commands, give the children a linked action to perform. Call out the commands at random. How quickly can they get into position?
  • Ride a donkey – In pairs, one is on all fours, while the other sits on their back (gently!)

  • Jesus is coming – All run to the door and wait quietly

  • Coats on the floor – Lie down on the floor pretending to be a coat

  • Shout to Jesus – Standing up with hands up to mouth and shout “Jesus is the king!”

  • Be a stone – Curl up into a ball on the floor, then shout, “Jesus!”

Link: When Jesus rode into Jerusalem, the crowds were so excited because they thought Jesus had come to be crowned as king so they praised him.

Craft Time

The children can paint, decorate or draw on a small stone as if it’s singing praise to Jesus.

Give each child a speech bubble on a piece of card. Stick the rock to the card. Help the younger ones or if they can then get them to write out what the stone would be shouting to Jesus.

Ask them about what they would shout. This is your opportunity to make things personal. Use this craft time to reinforce the Big Idea of the lesson to get them ready for Think Time.

Think Time

Use the illustrations to help the children remember the story. Help them to see the different responses of people to Jesus when he arrived in Jerusalem.

Use the worksheets to aid your discussion.

  • Worksheet A is designed for 5-7s
  • Worksheet B is designed for 8-11s
  • It might be best to choose one worksheet and work through it together.

Questions to go with Worksheet A

Did you spot it?

• What was Jesus riding when he arrived in Jerusalem?

• What else happened as he rode in?

Work it out

• Where on the scale on the worksheet would the crowd be? Why do you think the crowds were so happy?

• Where on the scale on the worksheet would the Pharisees be? Why do you think the Pharisees were so angry?

Live it out

• Imagine being so excited about a man that you shout, sing and dance in the street as he rides past!

• Key Questions: What do you think is the best thing about Jesus and why? Fill in the speech bubbles on the worksheet. What is it about him that would make you want to dance, shout and sing?

Prayer Idea

Dear Father, thank you that Jesus is the best because he ________! Amen.

Questions to go with Worksheet B

Did you spot it?

If you were reporters at the scene, what would you tell your viewers about what had happened? Use the pictures on the worksheet to give the children ideas of what they could talk about.

Work it out

• Why do you think the crowds were so happy? Write their ideas around the crowd on the worksheet. Use the thermometer to gauge how excited the crowd were.

• What did they believe about Jesus that made them go nuts for him?

• Was Jesus serious about the stones crying out? What did he mean by this?

• (If you looked at Zechariah 9) What was there in the promises that you would be excited about?

Live it out

Key Questions: Who would you shout out for?

Whose arrival would get you singing and dancing?

Do you have anything to shout out about for Jesus?

Fill in the speech bubbles on the worksheet. Use the thermometer to gauge how excited they are about Jesus.

Prayer Idea

Thank God for Jesus! What would you shout out as Jesus rides by? Turn that into a prayer.

The End!

You’ve done it!

Was it perfect? Don’t worry if it wasn’t!

Was it chaotic? Probably!

Was it worth it? Most definitely.

I’d love to hear your feedback and encouragements. Email dan AT farnhambaptist DOT org . uk or use the contact form on this website.