Materials for Families – Sunday 13 September

We’re following along with the Faith in Kids podcast.

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Travelling with Jesus #6 – A MOUNTAIN

Ed and Jam are travelling with Jesus up a mountain and it gets pretty wild, especially if you like seeing people who died over a thousand years earlier! More fun facts fight off with amazing mountain facts! We’re in Matthew 17: 1-9 at an event known as The Transfiguration when John, James and Peter get to see the true glory of Christ.

Planning when to do this

Hopefully you’ve getting into the swing of things now. For more thoughts on how and when to use these ideas, see the intro from a few week’s ago.

How to listen

Just click here and press play.

The Faith in kids podcast is available wherever you normally get your podcasts from, including Spotify and Apple Podcast. Click here for more details.


There are six ideas below, three for over 5s and three for under 5s. Feel free to use any that you think will serve you well.

Use the crafts and colouring sheets while you listen to the podcast (make sure you’ve got the materials you need first!). And use them to reinforce the teaching ideas.

The printable sheet for over 5s this week is here.

For under 5s the first two ideas can be found on this printable sheet and the Free Bible Image’s PowerPoint is here and the story to go with the pictures is here.

All the instructions below are also included on the sheet – if you’d prefer just to hit print and then stop looking at the screen, go ahead!

Here are Ed’s discussion questions:

Try all the questions if you can, they get harder as you go!

Under 5s

What did Jesus look like when he looked different?


How do you think you would have felt, with Peter, James, and John if you’d been there? What would you have been thinking?


What did Jesus want them to understand about himself? What was new about what they saw that day?


What questions does this story leave you with?

Idea 1 – Discussion

There are lots of people and things that we can listen to – some of them good and some of them not so good. Spend time together thinking of people and things that can help us and are good to listen to, and then some people and things that aren’t helpful to us and maybe we shouldn’t always listen to.

Read or listen to what happened when Jesus took some of His friends up a high mountain in Matthew 17:1-9 ………… Jesus is the Son of God – listen to Him.

Spend some time together talking to Jesus about the things that you have thought about. Ask Him to help you listen to Him.

Idea 2 – Action Picture

On pages 2, 3 + 4 of the printable sheet there are things to colour, cut out and stick to make an action picture of when Jesus went up the mountain with His friends and what happened there. You might need a grown-up to help with some of the cutting and you will also need:-

3 sheets of white card
A split-pin paper fastener
Bits of shiny paper/foil/shred Coloured pencils
Craft Knife? (for Grown-Ups only)

Print Idea 1. pages 1,2+3 of the printable sheet onto white card. Colour all the figures and the mountain. Carefully cut out the figures and the tab on page 1 – make sure you don’t cut off the ‘fold back’ tabs on Moses and Elijah, you need these to glue them on.
Carefully cut out the cloud on page3 – taking care not to cut off the gluing tab along the top. Use your shiny paper or foil to collage the cloud to make it bright and shiny.

You will need to cut out the slot in the middle of the mountain – a Grown-Up with a craft knife works well…….
Now put some glue on the reverse side of Moses’ and Elijah’s tabs and glue them to the reverse of the background near the top of the mountain – a, so they can fold around the front and stand on the mountain – b. Now put some glue along the tab on the cloud and fix it along the top on the reverse side – c, so it can fold over and hide the mountain top – d.

Make a hole through the spot on Jesus’ belt and also through the spot on the tab. Fold the tab on the dotted line. Push the paper fastener through the hole on Jesus’ belt, then through the slot in the mountain and then through the hole in the tab. You can now use the tab to make Jesus go up the mountain and meet Moses and Elijah – e. Use the action picture to re-tell Matthew 17:1-9

Idea 3 – Puzzle

Print page 5 of the printable sheet.


Idea 1 for under 5s

Take turns to give simple commands (touch your toes, spin around, make a star shape, find a toy etc.) and the other person has to obey as quickly as possible.

Link: Today’s true story from the Bible is about obeying what God says.

Idea 2 for under 5s – Video

Idea 3 for under 5s – Story

Print the Free Bible Images pictures from this printable PowerPoint (or display on a device to save ink!) and read through the story that accompanies the pictures from this printable sheet.

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