Helping kids to know Jesus

HELPING KIDS TO KNOW JESUS is an annual training evening for parents, Sunday school teachers, kid’s ministry volunteers, teachers, grandparents, anyone who knows kids and wants them to know Jesus!

We had a great time at this year’s event, and Ed’s talks are available to listen and download below.

SESSION ONE (click to play)

SESSION TWO (click to play)

HANDOUT for both sessions

What we did:

As people involved in kids ministry at home or within our local church, we long for the children in our care to love God and enjoy him. But sometimes we’re more focussed on downloading knowledge or addressing behaviour than engaging children’s hearts. Ed Drew helped us to think through how we can engage children’s hearts with Jesus Christ, whether its in a Sunday School lesson, around the kitchen table or in the park.

Ed is the director of Faith in Kids. He was a church children’s worker for 12 years before starting Faith in Kids with the goal of supporting churches in their children’s work. He has a passion for training those involved in teaching and serving kids. Find out more about Faith in Kids at

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