Daily Readings in Mark

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As we walk our way through Mark’s Gospel on Sunday mornings, we’re going to be posting daily readings from Mark.

Why not take on reading a bit of Mark’s gospel each day? Whether you’ve been in the habit of daily bible reading or not – whether you’re already reading something else, or not – whether you’re here on Sunday mornings or…you get the idea!

The first one is below so you can get a flavour. Or you can see an archive of all the posts so far HERE.

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Day 1 – Mark 1 v1

Pray: Father, thank that your word is living and active – please change me by your word today. Amen

Read Mark 1:1

The beginning of the good news about Jesus the Messiah,[a] the Son of God,[b]

1. Verse 1 is Mark’s title. What kind of book does he say this is the beginning of?

2. What is the good news he’s going to write about?

3. Think about some good-in-a-life-changing-way news that you’ve been told. How does Jesus compare?

Prayer ideas:

  • Spend some time asking God to help you know Jesus better as you read Mark’s gospel so that you will treat him as the best news ever.
  • Pray that he’ll keep working in your life to change you.
  • Pray for the rest of your church family as we study Mark’s Gospel together.

Hungry for more?
Why not take a sneaky peak at what’s ahead by reading on in Mark’s Gospel – the Jesus story was probably originally told in big chunks, not a verse or two at a time. Why not read a bit more now? OR….

It’s possible to read through the whole gospel in a couple of hours. Could you set aside a chunk of time (or two, or three) this week to read all the way through?

Mark on Bible Gateway (where most of the links will take you).

Mark on STEP Bible (which includes some more study tools – eg. try hovering over a word or clicking on it and see what you find!)


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